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About us

APASIO – “A passion” for Africa! What has taken us away from other possibilities: our unlimited commitment to nature conservation.

It is our passion to introduce animals to nature in a sustainable way. That’s why we work with the best guides in the country and often far from the normal tourist routes. We cooperate with lodges that demonstrably implement the idea of nature conservation and environmental protection and we are involved in nature conservation projects.

We work with the people who live and bond in this country. Not only do we want to give a memorable experience during the safari, but we want you to share our conviction and passion with us, that it is important to preserve nature and the creatures living there for generations to come. We have 25 years experience in tourism, of which 10 years in Kenya, we know our way and are happy to advise you!

Elisabth Kendi

Elisabeth is the managing director of Apasio. Even though she spend many years in the Azores and in Argentina, Kenya remains her home. To show this and to share the love for land, people and nature, she built in 2008 together with Frank the Rhino Watch Safari Lodge. In 2018, Apasio Safari Ltd was founded and the Masai Mara Lodges were built. Elisabeth not only has an overview of the safaris, she also looks after the renovation and maintenance of the lodges and camps. It is the engine that keeps all operations running.


Always on the move and yet there: Frank is a nature photographer, taking care of research and conservation programs around the world. He works with teenagers and students, and directs Apasio Safaris together with his wife Elisabeth Kendi. With his infinite energy, he not only keeps the company in motion, but also inspires people around him. In addition, Frank is also on trade fairs, exhibitions and road shows to promote sustainable tourism and to motivate people for sustainable travel destinations.


She is the daughter of Elisabeth Kendy and Frank and ambassador for the Rhino Awareness Projekt. Since 2012 she has been ambassador for the “plant for the planet” movement and has planted tenthousands of trees with school classes and orphanages. On her youtube channel  “Travel with Maisha” she reports from Kenya and presents national parks and reserves in a sustainable way.


Always smiling, that’s Carol! She is our marketing manager. Years of experience in marketing, her friendly nature and her professionalism make her an irreplaceable part of Apasio.


Another irreplaceable member of our team is Loise. After studying ‘Msc Leadership for Sustainable Development’ in the UK she came back to Kenya and worked in conservation. Now she handles our inquiries and bookings and takes care that all safaris go smoothly.


Clivan is our newest colleague and already a valued member of the team. He studied ‘Travel and Tourism Management’ in Nairobi. When he doesn’t handle bookings and safaris in our office you will find him on the football pitch or cycling through the outskirts of Nairobi.


Our “Mama Mara” has run the Rhino Watch Lodge for 6 years, has establish Mara Big Five Camp and Mara Legends Camp. In addition, Miriam cares about the connection to the local people and motivates them to preserve their culture. 


As a native of the Mombasa area, he feels at home in the Coconut Beach Lodge. He is the manager of our boutique hotel on the Indian Ocean and has led this already under the previous management. No one knows better where to get the best fresh fish and which fisherman will catch the tastiest shrimps.


Samuel’s passion is numbers, he is Apasio’s accountant and he takes care of all the payments and countless other things.


Rebecca is taking care of all of us, cooking us delicious food at lunch time. She also is very helpful with many other tasks that accrue in safari preparation procedures. 


David is the manager of Rhino Watch Lodge. He’s been there from the beginning, taking care of the lodge, the guests, the shopping, the extensive garden and everything that goes with it. When he has a moment to rest, he prefers to watch the numerous birds at the lodge.


Mary looks after social projects and 4 children’s homes sponsored by Rhino Watch Lodge partners. The one’s wanting to visit the children’s homes will be accompanied by Mary. She is currently building an academy near the Rhino Watch Lodge in cooperation with the ProWin-ProNature Foundation..


Most airlines flying to Kenya allow 2 x 23 kg of luggage. You do not usually need that much for your safari. Therefore, we ask you to use the unneeded space and bring clothes for donations. We will make sure that they will get to people in need. Collection points are Rhino Watch Safari Lodge and Coconut Beach Lodge.

Elizabeth Kendi Kinge-Wirth, Director Apasio Safari

We are the ideal partner for your wish trip to Kenya!