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Kenya - active and intense

Kenya – active and intense


  • Hike and bike tour at a lush green tea farm
  • Rafting tour through breath-taking scenery
  • Numerous rhinos at Solio reserve
  • Hike at „Hell’s Gate“ National Park
  • Ascent of the volcano Mt Longonot
  • Guided tour at a tree-tomato farm
  • Herds of elephants and the highest mountain in Africa
  • The rare sable antelope at Shimba Hills
  • Turtle project at the Indian Ocean
  • White palm beach and the turquoise ocean invite to relax


  • Tourcode: 21-ACTIVE
  • Duration: 21 days
  • From: Nairobi
  • To: Mombasa
  • Private Tour
  • Price: on request


  • Lodge Safari as per itinerary
  • Safari in a 4×4 Safari jeep
  • Professional English speaking guide
  • Overnights as per itinerary or equivalent
  • Full board during the Safari
  • Drinking water during the Safari
  • National park fees
  • Coconut Beach Lodge: Garden Standard Room and half board


  • Flights
  • Optional activities
  • Travel insurance
  • Excluded meals and drinks
  • Visa costs
  • Tips
  • Personal expenses

You are an active person and want to get to know Kenya from another perspective? Our “Kenya – active and intense” trip is an exciting mix of hiking, culture, safari, cycling and beach. Far from the standard tourist routes you will experience exciting days with extraordinary trips.

1st day: Arrival at Nairobi

Karibu Kenya! Welcome to Kenya! You will be welcomed by your driver and after a short drive you will reach your accommodation Brackenhurst in the lush green Tigoni Mountains. Overnight at Brackenhurst Lodge.

2nd day: Kiambethu Tea Farm

Today you will visit the Kiambethu Estate, one of the oldest tea farms in Kenya. From the garden you have a breath-taking view of Kilimanjaro and the Ngong hills. Two English families built the property in the early 1900s. They were among the first tea farmers in Kenya and until today the farm is family owned. The exciting story of the farm is told during a guided tour. You will learn about the tea making process and walk through the plantations. Overnight at Brackenhurst Lodge.

3rd day: Bike ride through the tea plantation to a cheese factory

After breakfast you will explore the tea plantation by bike. A variety of bike paths lead through the Tigoni tea farms. The tour leads past factories, grandiose views of Nairobi and the African Rift Valley to a traditional cheese factory: Brown’s Cheese Farm. The family-run company, which today also owns a restaurant, has been making cheese since 1979. Let a piece of cheese melt in your mouth! Overnight at Brackenhurst Lodge.

4th day: River Rafting

You will leave the tea plantations behind and the driver will take you to Savage Wilderness Camp. In the afternoon a river rafting tour is on program – an adventurous drive through a beautiful landscape! If you prefer it less active, you can alternatively join a bird walk or a canoe tour. There is something suitable on offer for everybody. Overnight at Savage Wilderness Camp.

5th day: Coffee – how the cherry becomes a bean

Today you continue to the coffee farm “Mutwe-Wathi”. The Fairtrade certified farm produces high quality coffee. On a factory and farm tour you will experience how the “coffee cherry” becomes a coffee bean and finally a finished cup of aromatic, fragrant coffee! Afterwards you will drive to Rhino Watch Safari Lodge, a lush green bird paradise is waiting for you. Overnight at Rhino Watch Safari Lodge.

6th day: Solio Reserve by foot and by safari jeep

An early morning visit of the viewing platform at Rhino Watch Safari Lodge is mostly worth it as you can catch a breath-taking view of Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa, from here! After breakfast the next adventure starts: Just a 10 minutes’ drive from Rhino Watch Lodge you will find the private Solio Reserve. In addition to the world’s largest population of white rhinos that live here, almost one hundred black rhinos also call Solio home. While the white rhinos graze contentedly and undisturbed by visitors in the savannah and let themselves be observed up close, the sightings of the rare black rhinos requires some patience. The black rhinos are extremely shy and live secluded in the thickets. In the middle of the reserve, an extensive acacia forest runs along a river that partially turns into a swamp. This biotope is a paradise for birds: crowned cranes, blue reeds, beechnuts, eagle owls and black buzzards and more than 300 other bird species are at home here. The Solio Reserve is therefore also an ideal place for extensive bird watching. After a half-day game drive accompanies by a ranger, an exciting bush walk follows in the afternoon. Rhinos up close and at eye level, this is definitely a unique experience! Overnight at Rhino Watch Safari Lodge.

7th day: Walk with giraffes and a guided tour through a tree-tomato farm

Enjoy your breakfast with a happy bird chirping in the background. Even today you are on foot: on a giraffe hike you will come close to the friendly animals. Did you know that the tongue of a giraffe is 50 cm long? On this hike, you can observe the animals in peace and up close. Afterwards you will visit tree tomato farm. The berry fruit is also called Tamarillo and is related to the tomato. During a tasting you will get to know the tart-sweet taste. You will walk through the farm and learn how similar the processing of the tree tomato is to the wine making process. Overnight at Rhino Watch Safari Lodge.

8th day: Safari at Aberdare National Park

Enjoy your final breakfast at Rhino Watch Safari Lodge, then the safari takes you high into the Aberdare National Park. The lush green highlands are at 2000 to 3999 meters altitude. The landscape offers a strong contrast to the other national parks. Rain forest and heathland, waterfalls and an impressive flora with fire lilies and bamboo forests. You will meet buffaloes and bushbucks here and there, Colobus monkeys are sitting in the trees and let their white, bushy tales dangle. You will leave the park on the western side and descend into the East African Rift Valley. In the evening you will reach your accommodation at Naivasha Lake: Overnight at Crescent Camp.

9th day: Hell’s Gate National Park

South of Lake Naivasha lies Hell’s Gate National Park. The park covers 68 km and is located in the Great Rift Valley at an altitude of about 1500 m above sea level. It is best known for its scenic beauty. Worth seeing are especially the Hell’s Gate or Njorowa Gorge, two extinct volcanoes, as well as two volcanic columns called Fischer’s Tower and Central Tower. The species-rich wildlife has both steppe and rock inhabitants. A guided hike or alternatively a bike tour awaits you. Overnight at Crescent Camp.

10th day: Crescent Island – by water and by foot

Also today an exciting hike is waiting for you: at Cresent Island National Park, another insider tip away from the tourist streams. On foot, nature can be experienced in a different way. The second half of the day you will do a boat trip, watch the hippos from the boat and admire the giraffes walking along the shore. Bird lovers will also enjoy themselves here. Overnight at Crescent Camp.

11th day: Transfer and night game drive

You will leave the adventure camp behind and head south via Nairobi to Swara Acacia Lodge. Enjoy a glimpse into African life as you drive past farms and markets through towns and villages. You will be impressed by the spectacular landscape of the East African Rift Valley. After dinner, today the program continues: on an exciting night game drive you can spot the nocturnal animals. In the dark, nature looks very different again. Overnight at Swara Acacia Lodge.

12th day: Swara Plains

The vast plains and rolling hills of Swara Wildlife Sanctuary are best explored on foot or by bike. Giraffes, zebras, antelopes and many other animals up close, no engine noise that could startle the animals. Enjoy these special experiences and moments! Overnight at Swara Acacia Lodge.

13th day: Kilimanjaro

Today’s destination is Amboseli National Park: herds of elephants, in the background the mighty Mount Kilimanjaro! In the afternoon you already have the opportunity for a first game drive. Overnight at Kibo Safari Camp.

14th day: Game drive at Amboseli National Park

In the morning, the chances for a clear view of Mount Kilimanjaro are greatest! Have a hearty breakfast, an exciting day devoted to wildlife watching, waiting for you. Thanks to the Maasai who own the surrounding lands, and who do not tolerate foreign hunters in their territory, the elephants have largely been spared by poachers. Thus, age structures, social behaviour and population dynamics were preserved as in no other park. But not only elephants make the Amboseli, look forward to big cats, buffalos and hippos. Overnight at Kibo Safari Camp.

15th day: Tsavo National Park

Today you will explore the Tsavo National Park. The diverse landscape ranges from hilly, mountainous landscape over savannah to densely wooded areas. Numerous volcanic cones protrude from the plains. The park is known for its red earth, even the elephants are sometimes dyed red after a mud bath. Overnight at Severin Safari Camp.

16th day: Sable antelope at Shimba Hills Reserve

Your trip continues towards the coast, today is a game drive in the Shimba Hills National Reserve on program. Only here is the sable antelope at home. The curved horns are up to 1.25 meters long. Shimba Hills is one of the largest coastal forests in East Africa, rich in flora and fauna and home to the highest density of African elephants in Kenya. You spend the night in the middle of the green rainforest: at Shimba Hills Lodge.

17th day: Sheldrick Waterfalls and the Indian Ocean

After breakfast, you will do a hike to the Sheldrick Waterfalls. If you feel like, you can refresh your feet in the pleasantly cool water. Then you will head to Kenya’s beautiful coast. Pure relaxation at the white sandy palm beach. Overnight at Coconut Beach Lodge.

18th day: Turtle project and Colobus monkeys

The white coconut palm beach and the turquoise ocean invite you to swim. Right on the beach there is a turtle project, learn more about the nests, when the turtles hatch and how they are protected. You will also visit the rescue station for injured Colobus monkeys, including a medical station and release facility. The volunteers like to give a tour, it’s worth it! Let the day fade away with a drink in the beach bar. Overnight at Coconut Beach Lodge.

19th day: Snorkelling trip to Wasini Island

After an early breakfast your driver will take you to Shimoni, a small town nearby the boarder of Tanzania. Here was once the first colonial base of the British in Eastern Africa which can be noticed in old buildings in colonial style. You will board now a wooden dhow boat, the main means of transportation on Kenya’s coast. While sailing through the blue lagoon, you might be able to spot dolphins. The dhow will drop anchor in the middle of a beautiful coral forest where you can snorkel through uncountable colourful fishes. You might even meet turtles under water! Later on a delicious seafood lunch will be served on Wasini Island, a small beautiful place midst in the Indian Ocean. After lunch you will take a walk through the coral garden. Then the dhow will sail you back to the mainland and you will be driven back to Coconut Beach Lodge. Overnight at Coconut Beach Lodge.

20th day: Relaxing at the Indian Ocean

Let the exciting and eventful journey flash before your eyes as the wind blows through the palm leaves and the sound of breaking waves. Overnight at Coconut Beach Lodge.

21st day: Departure

The Safari comes to an end, many unforgettable moments and memories remain. You will be transferred to Mombasa International Airport. Kwaheri Kenya! Goodbye Kenya!

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6 participants 1.600 USD per person

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