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Kenya intensive

Masai Mara – Lake Bogoria – Aberdare – Solio – Samburu

Kenya intensive: Masai Mara, Lake Bogoria, Aberdare, Solio und Samburu.


  • Masai Mara and it’s diversity of species
  • Swarms of flamingos at Lake Bogoria
  • Rhinos at close range at Solio Sanctuary
  • Gerenuk-Antelope and Grevy Zebras at Samburu Nationalpark


  • Tourcode: K-EXTENDED
  • Duration: 14 days
  • From: Nairobi
  • To: Nairobi
  • Minimum number of guests: 2
  • Maximum number of guests: 7 per car
  • Price: starting from 3.000 USD per person plus 632 USD park fees


  • Lodge Safari as per itinerary
  • Safari in a 4×4 Safarijeep
  • Professional guide
  • Overnights as per itinerary or equivalent
  • Fullboard during the Safari
  • Drinking water during the Safari
  • Nationalpark fees


  • Flights
  • Optional activities
  • Travel insurance
  • Excluded meals and drinks
  • Visa costs
  • Tips
  • Personal expenses

1st day: Karibu Kenia, Welcome to Kenya!

Good morning Kenya! For your Safari you leave Nairobi behind and start your trip to Masai Mara. While driving you can already enjoy insight into African life: past farms and markets through towns and villages. We impress you deeply the spectacular landscape of the East African rift valley. After arriving at the Masai Mara, your guide opens up the roof of your safari car and off you go! The Masai Mara, together with the Serengeti, is a vast wildlife sanctuary where herds of zebra, wildebeest, topis and Thomson gazelles roam around. Wide savannas, decorated with umbrella acacias, as far as the eye can see. Lions, cheetahs and leopards live here all year round. And at the legendary Mara River, huge Nile crocodiles sunbathe while hippos splash around. Overnight at Mara Legends Camp.

2nd – 3rd day: Masai Mara

Woken up in the middle of the Masai Mara, two days of wildlife watching are on program. Let the seemingly not ending vastness impact you. Enjoy Kenya’s park with the highest animal abundance, unique in its biodiversity. A Safari day ends best at the campfire. Overnight at Mara legends Camp.

4th day: Great Rift Valley

After two impressive days in the Masai Mara, the journey continues to Kenya’s North. Passing Nairobi, you drive along the Great Rift Valley until you reach Lake Bogoria. The Bogoria Lake Reserve covers 107 km² and is located in the eastern arm of the East African Rift Valley. The strongly alkaline lake of soda sometimes has a temperature of up to 70 ° C. Here you can observe numerous flamingos, African fish eagles and pelicans. In addition, there are geysers at this particular location, sources where the water fizzles out of the ground. Overnight at Lake Bogoria Spa Resort.

5th day: Aberdare National Park

After a hearty breakfast, today’s trip takes you up to the Aberdare National Park. The lush green highlands are at 2000 to 3999 meters altitude. The landscape offers a strong contrast to the other national parks. Rain forest and moorland, waterfalls and an impressive flora with fire lilies and bamboo forests. You will meet buffaloes and bushbucks over and over again. Colobus monkeys often sit in the trees and dangle their white, bushy tails. In the afternoon, a special highlight awaits you: a walk with giraffes! The graceful, laid-back animals are used to visitors and can be admired at close range. Overnight at Rhino Watch Safari Lodge.

6th day: Solio Reservat

An early view from the platform of the Rhino Watch Lodge is definitively worth it: in the morning you can often catch a breathtaking view of Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa. Just a 10 minutes drive from the Rhino Watch Lodge is the private Solio Reserve. In addition to the world’s largest population of white rhinos that live here, almost one hundred black rhinos also call Solio home. While the white rhinos graze contentedly and undisturbed by visitors in the savannah and let themselves be observed up close, the detection of the rare black rhinos requires patience. The black rhinos are extremely shy and live secluded in the thicket. In the middle of the reserve, an extensive acacia forest runs along a river that partially turns into a swamp. This biotop is a paradise for birds: crowned cranes, blue reeds, beechnuts, eagle owls and black buzzards and 300 other bird species. The Solio Reserve is therefore also the ideal place for extensive bird watching. Overnight at Rhino Watch Safari Lodge.

7th day: Samburu National Park

Today you head up further north, driving inbetween the Aberdare Mountains and Mount Kenya. The journey takes you into the Samburu Valley to the Samburu National Park. Rocky hills, dry savanna and the palm-fringed Ewaso Ng’iro River – the landscape of the park is uniquely varied. The river has almost year-round water, and is used by many animals for drinking. With high probability you will encounter big game like elephants, giraffes and antelopes. Overnight at Samburu Game Lodge

8th – 9th day: Samburu National Park

The next two days you will have plenty of time to discover and explore the Samburu National Park! The Grevy’s zebra, much finer striped than the traditional zebra, reticulated giraffes, which are distinguished by a particularly high contrast coloring, the oryx antelope and the gerenuk, a giraffe-like gazelle, which stands on its hind legs to eat, are only a part of the inhabitants of the dry savanna. Leopards, cheetahs and lions are also native to this dreamlike setting. Overnight both nights at Samburu Game Lodge.

Insider-Tip: Optionally, you can visit the Samburu in one of their villages where you can find out how this tradition-conscious tribe lives remote from modern life here in northern Kenya.

10th day: Samburu Park

During a morning game drive you can again enjoy the diversity of the Samburu Park. Afterwards the journey leads you back to the central highlands: snow capped peaks on the equator, next to vigorous green mountain forests and almost impenetrable rainforest. You return to the Rhino Watch Safari Lodge. The newly built spa with sauna invites you to relax! Overnight at Rhino Watch Safari Lodge.

11th – 13th day: Rhino Watch Lodge

Enjoy your breakfast with a cheerful bird-chirping-concert in the background. Relax by the infinity pool with its magnificent views of Mount Kenya, stroll through the flowering garden or observe the many different birds. The Rhino Watch Lodge is a wonderful place to unwind and reflect on the eventful days. If you are still adventurous, there are numerous excursions that you can book directly, the team at the lodge will be happy to advise you! Overnight at Rhino Watch Safari Lodge.

14th day: Kwaheri! Goodbye! Kenya!

Your exciting journey is coming to an end, today you drive back to Nairobi. Kwaheri! Goodbye!

Insider-Tip: Extend your trip on the Indian Ocean: just a few hours by plane from Nairobi, a palm-fringed beach paradise awaits you. Coconut Beach Boutique Lodge and Spa Four nights from 340 USD per person.

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