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The Highlands and Samburu Valley

Kenyan Highlands – Samburu Reserve

The Highlands and Samburu Valley


  • More than 300 rhinos at Solio Reserve
  • Walk with wild giraffs
  • Safari in the Aberdare-highlands up to 3.200 m above sea level
  • Safari in the Ol-Pejeta-Reserve
  • Accomodation at the famouse Rhino Watch Safari Lodge
  • 2 days at Samburu National Park
  • Gerenuk-Antelopes and Gravy Zebras
  • Leopards at Ewaso Nyiro river


  • Tourcode: BIG5SAM
  • Duration: 9 days
  • From: Nairobi
  • To: Nairobi
  • Private Tour
  • Price: from 3.500 USD per person


  • Lodge Safari as per itinerary
  • Safari in a 4×4 Safarijeep
  • Professional English speaking guide
  • Overnights as per itinerary or equivalent
  • Fullboard during the Safari
  • Drinking water during the Safari
  • Nationalpark fees


  • Flights
  • Optional activities
  • Travel insurance
  • Excluded meals and drinks
  • Visa costs
  • Tips
  • Personal expenses

Note: We are offering this safari in two categories, the two hotel categories are listed as follows:
standard category / high-end category

This safari takes you to the Kenyan Highlands and Samburu Valley. The Samburu Reserve is a gem for nature lovers and photographers. Here in the north of Kenya we encounter animals that are not seen in any other park. The graceful giraffe antelope, also called Gerenuk, stands on its hind legs to reach the fresh offspring of the bush savannah. The grevy zebra is larger and finer striped than the plains zebra. Samburu is also famous for the big elephant herds. Many shots with elephant herds crossing the Ewaso Nyiro river have been taken here. Leopards live along the river and carry their prey into the treetops to protect themselves from hyenas. Also cheetahs are at home here. And on top – the magnificent scenery of the Samburu Park.

This safari is a combination of the Big 5 Safari and the Samburu Reserve and offers many highlights far beyond the normal known safari routes. This has the great advantage that you are often completely by yourself in animal encounters and can enjoy the observation in peace. You will overnight in the well-known Rhino Watch Safari Lodge and Elephant Bedroom Camp on the Ewaso Nyiro River. All game drives take place in the 4×4 Land cruiser, which offers a lot of space.

1st day: Karibu Kenya, Welcome to Kenya!

You will be picked up from the airport or your hotel in Nairobi and leave the vibrant city behind, heading to the Kenyan highlands. On the way your guide will arrange short stops ate at fruit and vegetable markets where the farmers of the region offer their products. Fresh pineapple, mango and bananas taste much fresher here than we are used to! At Rhino Watch Safari Lodge, a lush garden awaits you. Relax by the pool or on your terrace, take time to realize and enjoy, you are now in Kenya! Overnight at Rhino Watch Safari Lodge (safari tent / chalet).

2nd day: Giraffe walk

Today, an exciting hike awaits you! Experience the walk in the living environment of zebras, antelopes, gazelles and giraffes with all your senses, you are walking through a patch of Africa! Following your guide you will walk across grassy areas, trodden wild paths and through bush land. Your Kenyan companion will be happy to answer all your questions or tell the story of the country club and its colonial environment. Giraffes slowly cross the wide plains, graceful and elegant. Her slim, tall figure appears huge when she looks curiously down at you. After all, she is the tallest land-living animal in the world. Back at the lodge in the afternoon, you will be able to observe many birds from a raised platform that like to come to the nearby pond. Overnight at Rhino Watch Safari Lodge (safari tent / chalet).

3rd day: Safari in Solio Game Reserve

The privately managed conservation reserve has been dedicated to protecting white and black rhinos for decades. In addition there are large lion packs and buffalo herds. Due to the different biotopes in the park, it has a great diversity of species. Solio is one of the pearls among the protected areas in Kenya. On a full day safari you can observe these wonderful animals up close. The safari jeep stops in the immediate vicinity of grazing rhinos, zebras and water buffalos. Overnight at Rhino Watch Safari Lodge (safari tent / chalet).

4th day: High up in the Aberdares

Today’s safari takes you to the mountain side forest of the Aberdare highlands, one of the last intact rainforest refuges in Africa with an impressive bamboo forest. It is not easy to find, but it is even more impressive if you spot an African giant forest hog in the thicket. If you are lucky you will also see a leopard here! Overnight at Rhino Watch Safari Lodge.

5th day: Lunch at the tree house

After breakfast your guide will take you to the foot of Mt. Kenya. The distiantion is a tree house restaurant where delicious Mt. Kenya trout are served, that are breeded at the dedicated trout farm. In the tree house you can often find the beautiful and yurious Colobus monkeys. After lunch, you have enough time to photograph the animals. Overnight at Rhino Watch Safari Lodge (safari tent / chalet).

6th day: Discover the Ol Pejeta Reserve

Today a day trip to the Ol Pejeta Reserve is on program. which was – until a short while ago – the home of the last Northern white rhinoceros bull SUDAN. In addition to the rhinoceros conservation project, there is also a project on chimpanzees here. If you’re lucky, you’ll see other members of the Big Five today. A great safari day to complete your trip! Overnight at Rhino Watch Safari Lodge (safari tent / chalet).

7th day: The Samburu Vallley

Today you are leaving the Rhino Watch Lodge. You are continuing your trip, orbit Mt. Kenya and reach your destination: the Samburu Valley. Here life happens along the brown river. In the hot bush savannah, there is hardly any water, so that the animals migrate to the river to drink. Often you can see large herds of elephants crossing the river. Overnight at Samburu Game Lodge / Elephant Bedroom Camp.

8th day: Gamedrives at Samburu Nationalpark

The Samburu Game Reserve is located in the arid savanna area of eastern Kenya, bordering the nearly year round water leading Ewaso Nyiro River. Especially in the dry season, Elephants and Zebras quench their thirst here, cross it and bathe in it. In addition to the pachyderms, there are good opportunities to sight leopards, cheetahs and lions. The big cats are less shy here than in other parks. The game park is also known for the rare and special Grevy’s zebras and gerenuks. Overnight at Samburu Game Lodge / Elephant Bedroom Camp.

9th day: Departure

An exciting trip comes to an end, today you return to Nairobi.
Kwaheri Kenya! Goodbye, Kenya!

standard category


With 2 participants, price per person in a double sharing

With 4 participants, price per person in a double sharing

With 6 participants, price per person in a double sharing

single supplement

03.01. – 31.03. and 01.11. – 22.12.

3.600 USD

2.650 USD

2.300 USD

600 USD

01.04. – 30.06.

3.500 USD

2.500 USD

2.150 USD

400 USD

01.07. – 31.10. and 23.12. – 02.01.

3.700 USD

2.700 USD

2.350 USD

650 USD



high-end category


With 2 participants, price per person in a double sharing

With 4 participants, price per person in a double sharing

With 6 participants, price per person in a double sharing

single supplement

03.01. – 31.03. and 01.11. – 22.12.

4.200 USD

3.200 USD

2.850 USD

800 USD

01.04. – 30.06.

3.900 USD

2.900 USD

2.550 USD

600 USD

01.07. – 31.10. and 23.12. – 02.01.

4.300 USD

3.350 USD

3.000 USD

850 USD


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